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how to get american netflix

How to Get American in UK

Netflix UK is the biggest online streaming provides, that’s for sure. I have enjoyed it for a long time, however sometime i was watching certain TV series that did not have all episodes online. One of the first examples is “The Walking Dead”. I talked about it with a friend and he told me he watch using a DNS service called Deblocks. He adviced me to look it up in Google. Het told me has much and much more movies and TV shows to watch with American Netflix in UK than he had on his local account.

So i came upon an article while surfing on the internet about how to get Netflix US in the United Kingdom. I read about a solution and simple trick that anyone from any country can watch and acces the American movies collection. So, i just signed up at Unlocator and started my free period to try the DNS service.

I surfed to Unlocator and created a free account that allows me to test it for 7 days without obligations or payment. The first thing what i saw is the important setting for region on the picture below.


Netflix USA in UK

change to American Netflix DNS region
change to American Netflix DNS region from Unlocator panel

Once you have created an Unlocator account just login with that account and you will see your account info (just click tab “Region Settings” like above)





You can see in the above screenshot 1 Red cross, for this I checked the Setup guide. I have a Windows 7 computer so I clicked on the Windows 7 guide. There i followed the easy setup steps and almost got directly connected with Netflix USA. I start browsing the movies and TV shows and indeed: I noticed A LOT MORE movies. After that I read that you can use it on as many devices as you like. Since a few months i have a LG Smart TV, so I thought: Let’s give that a try too.


american netflix dns codes using Unlocator
Settings for American netflix dns codes using Unlocator


And YES, it also worked for my TV. I have been using now Unlocator for about 4 months and i am very satisfied about their service. I can terminate my account, but why would I do that? I am paying just 5 $ / £ 3 for a far more bigger movie collection, so yes, it’s worth it for me. I never hire movies any more an even have stopped dowloading them on the Piratebay. This saves me a lot of time and Disk space. Watch more more movies with Netflix UK!



free netflix

Why watch and get US Netflix in UK

  • one of the best reliable DNS providers ( other free services carry big security risks !!! )
  • very fast and safe
  • you can stop your account whenever you feel like it
  • Unlocator offers more than 160 other services and counting ( Hulu, Voodoo, MHL, MLB, Amazon, Crackle, HBO and much more)
  • unlimited devices
  • easy setup
  • works with any device
  • watch also a lot of Netflix 3d movies online

What devices  are suitable with Unlocator to get us netflix in uk

  • All Computers and laptops: Mac OS X, Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • Apple TV, Hulu, Roku, WD Live, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, Bozee, Now TV Box, etc
  • Android and iOS ( iPad, iPhone, iPod, and all android devices )
  • Game Consoles ( PS3, PS4, XBox, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii)
  • Smart Televisions (LG Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Panasonic, Philips, etc)
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Blu-Ray (LG Bluray, Philips Bluray, Samsung Bluray)
  • see here for more info about all devices


Well, feel free to try, i am sure you will like it a lot to watch with your Netflix UK account!

  • Netflix United States has the biggest movie collection
  • Much more movies, TV shows, series, cartoon, documentary and much more
  • Use your current local account, if you don’t have one yet, create an account at ( 1 month free)
  • Create a free Unlocator account and follow the steps